Routines Can BOOST Your Productivity

Being your own BOSS!

If you are your own boss or just getting started, it is important you look after yourself and be productive in your business and your personal life.

There are many things you can do each day, to reach your goals can be achieved by creating small routines or daily habits that you perform primarily without thinking about it each day. By making your actions routine and, more importantly, a new habit, you’ll get more done and not feel like you’re always working.

Below are some of my tips to help you…that has helped me and my clients. Before, I get to that I may have said this many times, however it is especially important to look after yourself. There was a time I didn’t look after myself, I felt I had let myself down because I was working all the time and not thinking about myself or spoiling myself like I used to it wasn’t until I had a big burn out that made me realise I needed to look after myself and be a little more productive in my life.

So, I took action to turn this around by creating a new habits. The habits I created was making sure I book myself in for a monthly massage. And taking extra care of my skin and exercise routine. And schedule most of my work so I have free time for other things I enjoy. This has changed everything I had been doing previously. I love my new habits.

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Now lets get to it:

Get Hydrated – Start each morning with a couple of cups of filtered lemon water. You can enjoy it cold or warm depending on the time of the year. Starting off your day hydrated will boost your energy and make it more likely you get to your to-do list. Recipe is cut up some lemons and squeeze the juice into fresh water then drink it. It is refreshing, it gives you a nice energy boost. It also is very good for your complexion.

Review Your Schedule – As you go through life, you should use a to-do list each day. Before you start your day, glance at your to-do list to get an overview of what you need to do during your day. Then, prioritise the items according to your needs. Then tick off as you do these tasks don’t worry if you didn’t get to complete the task just add a note for extra time.

Create a Morning Routine – Set up a morning routine for your self-care, which may include take a shower, make your bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. You may also want to add meditate, do some yoga, or journal in the morning routine. Add a time if you want to start working on your business lets say 9am do all your chores before 9am make this your new habit so that you are starting to be organised.

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Invest in Your Nutrition – One way to become more productive is to eat right. Your diet is more important than whether you walk or bike for exercise. Get a blood test to determine your vitamin and hormone levels and eat according to your needs by prepping your food in advance to make it easy to stick to a plan each day. Remember, your brain needs foodYou need to eat good food for the brain this is important because your brain needs a boost and it needs looking after.

Develop a Positive Mindset – Find ways to look at the positive aspects of your life. When you have a positive mindset or outlook, it tends to strengthen your motivation. The motivation usually comes after you take action and focus on the feelings you experience after you take a specific action. That successful experience encourages you be more positive because you feel more productive and helpful.

Celebrate Your Victories – When you are successful and accomplish something, find a way to celebrate, no matter how small. You can draw on the experience to motivate you to take more actions.

Segment Your Workday – Don’t work all the time. This is especially important if you work for yourself. The work never ends. Set specific hours for your workday. Stick to these hours at least 80 percent of the time. Keep in mind that remaining flexible is important. Sometimes working hard is going to be required, but it’s not required every single day.

Each time you add a routine to your day that can be repeated regularly and easily, you are beginning to create a habit. Habits are difficult to stop. This is because they incorporate a trigger and have a rewarding response. This is called conditioning. Set up your triggers to be rewarding so you can trigger yourself to succeed in all areas of life.

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