Protect Your Business With The Contract Shop

Are you struggling to write a legal disclaimer protection for your online business? Or, maybe you are struggling to write a contract form for your clients but unsure of what to write. If your answer is “Yes, I am struggling!”, this solution is definitely for you.

When it came to writing my disclaimer I had no idea what to write or how it was supposed to be written out. This was a real struggle for me because I wanted to protect my business. Instead of leaving it aside and not do anything about it, I did some research. Although it took me a while to find what will suit my need perfectly, I eventually discovered ‘The Contract Shop’ on social media. After reading up more about them, I knew this was the answer I have been looking for and it was weight off my shoulder.

So what is ‘The Contract Shop’?

The Contract Shop sells legal templates, workbooks, and courses for creative entrepreneurs, online course creators, consultants, coaches, and more. The owner of the contract shop has a ton of dedication, experience, and an actual REAL attorney working at ‘The Contract Shop’. Before,you read any further, I like to introduce you to the owner and CEO founder of The Contract Shop, Christina Scalera. 


Christina Scalera founded The Contract Shop in 2014. And to put it bluntly, she hates sections like this. In her own words: “This section is so tool-y I can’t even…”

Here are the basic need-to-knows about Christina: She is an attorney and has graduated from law school. She completed her undergrad at Texas A&M. She is very passionate about her work and loves to take that extra weight off your shoulders. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with horses. You can also check out her YouTube channel where she shares all her magnificent knowledge about starting a business, and growing it successfully.

What does the Contract Shop have to offer?

Inside the Contract Shop is a wide variety of templates and letters to choose from to protect yourself. It also contains a variety of forms for your clients to fill out when they start on your program or they buy a product from you. There are also terms and conditions available for you to add to your website or online courses. Agreement forms and termination forms for when clients want to sign up or leave your membership programs are also available. It is all about having legal protection for you and your business. protecting what you have legally.

The Contract Shop is uniquely situated to help you build a strong, legal foundation for your business — so you can do what you do best. (Which probably isn’t focusing on the legal stuff…)

Why Legal Templates?

What does it mean for you?

If you’ve ever needed a contract to work with a client or start a project, you know there are about a bajillion free ones you can pull off the internet (this is not recommended). Or you can go work with a lawyer (cha-ching!). However, neither of those options really help you create a contract that’s both legal and specific to what you do …

I was able to save myself a lot of stress using these templates, after losing much time trying to come up with the legal details myself. There are also bundle deals you can get to save money on each purchase.


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