I found myself in a desperate situation in 2010. 

For over 30 years, I had experienced bullying and harassment due to my deafness and learning disabilities. My professional life was also daunting, as these challenges made related tasks and relationships extremely difficult. Bosses who were bullies, abusive relationships and ‘friends’ who acted like nothing of the sort—yep, I attracted them all.

When I finally burned out and hit rock bottom, I put my foot in the ground and decided to free myself from the stranglehold of all those bully bosses I had encountered over the years. Regaining my life back, I made the decision to be my own boss from that point forward. It was a bold step for me.

I want every client to know that I work with they’ve found a friend they can trust…

Yet, I didn’t want to just ‘sell’ something—I wanted to help people. Pursuing my dreams, I decided to launch my business as a life and business coach. A ‘Confidence Coach,’ and a Website Designer Coach, which is a role I’ve always yearned to fulfil. Helping, coaching and encouraging others to incrementally change their lives by making small changes to ineffective habits is now my career—my vocation. Knowing I was treated unfairly and even cruelly over so many years, I believe nobody should ever experience this same misery. It’s therefore my goal to uplift others by increasing their confidence, quality of life and business while putting an end to the habits holding them back.

As I’ve endured many dark times, I understand how important serving other people truly is.

Cutting right to the chase, my brand—Grow Confidence In Business —is designed to align with my Motivating You to Grow Your Confidence with New Habits. It’s giving your confidence back. This creation truly captures the heart and spirit of both my and others’ experiences. Having personally endured them, I can relate to all those deep valleys in life and therefore know just what’s needed to rise above and find success. This leap took a long time and lots of effort but was ultimately the best decision I’ve ever made. Everyone deserves to be happy. If I can change my life, so can you. Take bold steps to fulfil your passions and dreams—I promise that the payoff is worth it. If you summon up the courage and do what you love, you’ll live a much better life.

Click below to browse through my individually tailored coaching packages. I would love to help you find the same joy I did!

Click on the buttons below to read my story, gaining access to the depths of my pain and sorrow and learning how I almost ended it all because it was just too much. Yet, one letter made me realise life is in fact worth living and that I was destined to go out there and do something wonderful—which is exactly what I did. I went on to create new habits and regain my confidence and love for life and am truly blessed to be here, with you all, on this delightful journey.

I shall see you on Part one – A Life Of Silence



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