Improve Your Marketing Performance with ClickCease

ClickCease goes the extra mile to make sure no genuine customers get blocked. With their custom features, extensive black-list of already known fraudulent users and a constantly learning AI algorithm, ClickCease gives you the best opportunity to reduce your CPA and increase conversions.

And is trusted by the world’s best advertisers across all industries. It is op-rated click fraud and ad fraud prevention service for ads right across all platforms. ClickCease automatically blocks invalid traffic making sure no damage is done to your ad budget.

Block Out Only the Bad Traffic

Ad Fraud & Click Fraud will waste 20% of PPC advertisers’ budgets in 2022. Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget. Best part about ClickCease it works with any platform Whether you want to prevent click fraud on your own custom site or on a platform you use,

With ClickCease, harmful sources won’t be able to even see your ads. They BLOCK them! See below:


Competitors: By seeing and clicking on your PPC ads, competitor click fraud depletes your marketing budget and can lose your business valuable leads…


Brand haters: You know you’re successful when someone is out to get you. The easiest way for “haters” to cost you money is by clicking on your ads.


Bots: Half of all internet traffic is automated. Our data shows that up to 30% of all clicks on PPC ads are from bots and organised criminal botnets.


Accidental clicks:Clicks on your ads with no malicious intent. Up to 60% of mobile ad clicks are because our thumbs are just too fat. Stop paying for this!

And much more they will BLOCK!

There are over 2,000,000 campaigns worldwide are protected by ClickCease. You can start a FREE trial to see how it all works. Don’t waste anymore time get on that free trial because now is the time to

Say Goodbye to Click Fraud!

And enjoy the benefits along the way!

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