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Meet Claire Morgan the CEO and founder of ‘Inspire Stock Shop‘ Claire is an inspirational with her photography she loves working with women entrepreneurs who have found their path and purpose in life. She also reinvented and built various businesses around doing what she loves. And, photography has always been one of her biggest passion.

The Inspired Stock Shop was created to bridge the gap of inspiration, emotional connection, and online branding. Every photo and gallery is carefully placed to evoke those same feelings for my members and all who come into contact with their visual imagery.

Inspired Stock Shop is filled with light and energy for heart led purpose based businesses.

Before discovering inspire stock shop. When I started blogging I was using photo’s from Pexel don’t get me wrong they have many beautiful variety of photo’s to choose from. However, I needed something more softer with a emotional connection to my brand. After doing some research I discovered Claire on social media. I was watching one of her webinars and loved the images she had.

I message to Claire asking about the photo’s little did I know they were her own personal work. She sent me her website and I fell in love with all the beautiful images. So much that I become a member and I’ve been a member with Inspire Stock Photo’s for over two half years. And, I am not leaving!!

Why I choose ‘Inspire Stock Photo’s’ there is a library variety of amazing stunning photo’s to choose from for ANY niche you have for your branding and webinars. A lot of her images are very captivated and inspiring.

There are many ways you can use Inspire Stock Photo’s all you have to do is browse through my website or grab one of my ebooks where I use most of her images.

About the Membership

The membership has a wide range of photo’s and not only the photo’s she has video’s to choose from and templates. Every month Claire adds new images and video’s. She also gives you an option for you to sent her a message sharing what you would like her to add to the collection. She has variety of blogs for you to read. She also has a great community you can join and ask questions.

And lastly Inspire Stock Shop has monthly prompts inside the membership you can use for any social media. You can take a look HERE!

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